10 Things Every Server Working On St. Patrick’s Day Will Understand

There is almost nothing lucky about being a server on St. Patrick’s Day. On the 17th of March, everyone is Irish and everyone is drunk. But if anything can make up for the day of debauchery, it’s some lucky big tips.

1. When a group orders shots at 9 am.

giphy (7)

2. When you’re taking an order from a table that is already drunk.

giphy (8) 3. When you’ve heard Dropkick Murphy’s “I’m Shipping Up to Boston” for the millionth time.

giphy (9)4. When customers comment on your lack of green.giphy (10) 5. “No, we don’t serve green beer.”

giphy (13)

 6. When someone throws up and you try to act like everything is totally cool.

giphy (14)

7. But mopping up puke is gross and you might be sick.

giphy (15)

8. When corned beef and cabbage is the special.giphy (16)

9. Watching people make fools of themselves can be slightly entertaining.giphy (17)

10. But really, you’re just bitter you’re stuck watching everyone else have a good time.giphy (18)

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