11 Mispronunciations Guaranteed To Annoy The Barista In You

Baristas hear a lot of creative pronunciations in a day’s work. With all the Italian and Spanish sounding menu items, we expect it. But that won’t stop us from giggling at the truly bizarre attempts of “Macchiato.”

1. Espresso (es-pres-so)

There’s no “X” in “espresso” yet people continue to order shots of “ex-pres-so.”barista

2. Grande (grahn-day)

Often mispronounced “grand-ee” or “medium.”grande

3. Venti (ven-tea)

Often mispronounced “ven-tay” or “large.”


4. Macchiato (mah-key-ah-toh)

Mah-chi-ah-toh, mach-e-atti, mo-key-atto, Machiavelli. You name it, it’s been said.giphy copy

5. Americano (a·mer·i·ca·no)

Emphasis on the “no.”  “A-mer-i-ca-na” is a style of music.americano

6. Rooibos (roo-i-bos)

Trying to order tea? Well it’s not “roob-e-os,” “roo-bee-us,” or “roy-bis.”


7. Oaxaca (wha-ha-ca)

Points for creativity if you’ve tried to pronounce this Mexican coffee roast.youtried

8. Mocha (moe-ka)

Please, no more “moe-cha.”tea

9. Cappuccino (cah-poo-chee-no)

Note: the Italian “ci” is pronounced like the English “chee.”


10. Matcha (Ma-cha)

Okay, you can say the “cha” on this one.wonderufl

11. Açaí (Ah-sigh-ee)

“Ah-sigh” and “Ah-kah-ee” are the most popular versions of this superfood. We get it, though.moneyball_0i273w63

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