12 Devastating Moments in the Life of a Barista

Baristas wake up before dawn, they clean bathrooms, and they serve people ridiculous drinks. Just when you thought customers’ orders could not get more obnoxious, someone ups the ante and asks for a nonfat latte with 2 percent foam.


Whatever happened to just coffee?


1. Going to bed when it is light out.


baby in window


2. Working the opening shift after you stayed out until 2 a.m. the night before.


cat falling


3. When a customer orders a nonfat hazelnut macchiato, sugar-free, extra shot, three ice cubes and extra whip.




4. When you make it hot but they wanted it iced.


testing me


5. When a customer walks in five minutes before close.




6. When someone orders a blended drink


not happy


7. Trying to function as a normal human after a morning shift and realizing you just can’t.


early morning


8. “Why isn’t the wifi working?”


I don't know


9. When you don’t work at Starbucks and someone orders a “tall,” “grande,” or “venti.”


don't come back


10. When someone insists on making their own custom drink and doesn’t like it.


told you so


11. The tip jar at the end of an eight-hour shift.


empty tip jar


12. When you realized you should’ve been a bartender.


made a huge mistake


And again, we say, whatever happened to just coffee?

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