12 Moments Way Too Real For Anyone Working With A Hangover

What’s more satisfying than clocking out of your shift and leaving? Why, drowning the stress from your most obnoxious customers in alcohol, of course! A couple of free drinks at your restaurant, a few more at the bar next door where you know the bartender, and then before you know it…it’s the morning and you have to open the restaurant. #Halp

1. Waking up and realizing you actually have to work.


2. Then, realizing you’ll be around alcohol all day


3. Wearing sunglasses even though it’s a lowly-lit restaurant and a cloudy day


4. Nearly blacking out while you take down chairs and set tables


 5. Noticing that your napkin folding skills are…”forked”

giphy (3)

 6. Trying to feign sickness to garner pity from the manager

giphy (4)

 7. Praying to God that it’ll be a slow shift, even though you need the money

giphy (5)

8. Booking it to the bathroom multiple times as you smell the greasy foodgiphy (6)

9. Returning to the floor after vomiting looking like you’ve just had a mental breakdown

giphy (7)

10. Dying more and more as the day goes on since you don’t even have time to drink water


11. Making customers repeat their orders a little louder over the throbbing in your head

giphy (9) 12. Pigging out on the healthiest meal the cooks can make for your shift meal (if your stomach can handle it)


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