12 Of The Best Juice Bars To Work At This Fall

Juice: we’ve been sipping it out of boxes since we were toddlers, and now the nation has finally caught on to how valuable it is for adults. With cold-pressed juicing taking the country by storm, a juice bar might be the next best place to get a job this fall while you’re managing classes, rent, and the looming chill of winter.


With that in mind, we’ve gathered up 12 different juiceries across the country that you can dip your toes in for some autumn work. But please, don’t try to take that so literally.

1. Sip Juice Cart – Portland, OR

With an unbelievable variety of fall flavors to choose from, including cider made from freshly pressed apples, it’s hard to beat a juicery like Sip. It started as a renovated camper and has evolved to even include a restaurant called Canteen. These guys really know how to run a business and make a mean juice, too.

2. dtox juice – Atlanta, GA

dtox juice

photo via dtoxjuice.com

Right in the heart of Altanta, the folks at dtox are focused on providing a clean outlook on life, and are ready to put juice at center-stage. With a series of day and week-long cleanses, they’ve got everything you need to hit “reset” with the help of all the fruits and veggies your heart could ever desire.

3. Sweetpress – Washington, DC

Sweet Green

photo via sweetgreen.com

While there are plenty of folks occupying their time with “running the country” over in the nation’s capitol, there are still plenty more shops, restaurants, and cafés taking over downtown DC and bringing all sorts of vibrant life for students and senators alike. And when you stop believing in the ethical integrity of humanity, just remember that these guys use 100% compostable materials in all of their packaging.

4. Beverly Hills Juice – Los Angeles, CA

Sure, your friends may try to tell you that juicing is just a trend. But here in the trendiest city of all, this is the original juicer that’s stood the test of time, hairspray, and film. With juices made from “vegan ice cream,” and simple, staple juice ingredients, they pride themselves in fresh ingredients and delicious juices that are made right. As other trends come and go, they’ll surely be around for decades to come.

5. Pressed Juicery – Los Angeles, CA

If you’re looking for something a little younger, and, er, mobile, you should check out the juice truck that’s making rounds everywhere from West Hollywood to Malibu—the hotspots of culture, progress and celebrity playtime.

6. Juice Land – Austin, TX

photo via citygrammag.com

photo via citygrammag.com

Part of “keeping Austin weird” means keeping up with the trends and then pulling a one-up on the competition. With insane combinations like cherry and ginger in the “hot pink” or lemon and beet in “the moderator,” you’re sure to find a flavor that makes you sing. They’ve got plenty of locations across the city to make sure everyone gets the juice they deserve.

7. jugofresh – Miami, FL


A photo posted by jugofresh (@jugofresh) on

All of the juice’s at Matthew Sherman’s juicery in South Beach are made fresh daily, and inspired by all sorts of international, exotic treats and spices. Turmeric and cayenne are among the many amazing spices you’ll find inside even just one drink. The get fresh crew is hiring, so make sure you get your application in STAT!

8. Peeled – Chicago, IL


From Maroon 5 to The Red Line, you’re sure to find insanely fresh juices in the Windy City that harken back to your other favorite pieces of life and pop culture. When you’re not auditioning for Second City comedy or stuffing your face with deep dish, this is the place that will tide you over as you explore life in this amazing part of the country.

9. Paleta – Detroit, MI

paleta juice bar

photo via paleta.com

Collaborating with nutritionists and Le Cordon Bleu grads, Paleta is bringing a touch of gourmet to the juicing business. These guys are sure to bring recipes that will make even the biggest cold-pressed skeptic around. Be sure to brush up on your food vocab before wandering in for an interview.  

10. Evolution Fresh – Bellevue, WA


Some leafy. Some rooty. Some citrusy. All organic. #Organic #NonGMO #ColdPressed

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Surely you’ve been grabbing a cup of coffee and secretly wondered if your belly wouldn’t be better filled with one of those tempting juices, elegantly displayed in Starbucks customer-facing fridge. But did you know that now Evolution Fresh has its own standalone stores in the same city that gave the coffee titan its start? Check them out, and get juicing in the PNW today.

11. Juice Press – New York, NY

photo via Facebook.com

photo via Facebook.com

With 20 locations across Manhattan and Brooklyn, MLB’s Mark Teixeira and his team are some of New York City’s juicing kings—and no, we’re not talking about guys at Yankee Stadium with steroid syringes. With raw food and juices littered across the menu, you’re sure to find something that can make even the leanest athlete think twice about improving their diet.

12. Organic Avenue – New York, NY

Organic Ave. stopping traffic in NYC

photo via Facebook.com

All 10 of Organic Ave.’s Manhattan locations produce entirely vegan, organic products, which makes them a force to be reckoned with for the New York juice game. And whether you’re a student at NYU, or just a starving artist with a firm belief in sustainable foods and paychecks, this is a great place to get your feet wet in more than just organic juices.



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