12 Reasons Retail Workers Are Hiding In The Back

“Working retail is easy,” said no one ever. Anyone who thinks working retail is a breeze, is a liar, and you know that firsthand. It’s truly a nightmare. This list compiles every awful encounter you’ll deal with during a typical work day, and hopefully, you can get through it without wanting to rip you hair out.

1. The shirt display is in complete disarray after you just folded it, yet again.

giphy (15)

2. A creepy customer is trying to flirt with you.

giphy (16)

3. A customer won’t contain their children and lets them run wild.

giphy (17)

4. Someone with an enormous amount of coupons just got in line to check out.

giphy (27)

5. The dressing rooms are a mess seconds after you, literally, just cleaned them.

giphy (19)

6. A customer, who doesn’t care that you’re on break, asks you to check them out.


7. You want to avoid the customers who walk in two minutes before closing time.


8. A noticeably slow customer walks in and ruins up the entire flow of the store.

giphy (22)

9. A customer tries to return items that have clearly been worn or damaged.


10. Customers complain about how much cheaper it is somewhere else.

giphy (24)

11. An annoying couple walks in and fights about who’s paying.


12. And of course, the absolute worst day of the year — Black Friday.

giphy (25)



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