13 Stages of Working All Weekend

Working all weekend = rollercoaster of emotions. But if you can hang in there through all 13 stages, you’ll get the special badge of honor that says, “Hey world, I did it–and I made it out alive. Aaaaaand goodnight.”

1. The initial surrender


2. When you remember it means more money


3. Waking up Saturday morning

giphy (1)

4. Saturday morning prep

giphy (3)

5. When you get to work and realize someone brought donuts for everyone

giphy (4)

6. Then you get a fat tip from a nice customer who feels bad you’re working on a Saturday

giphy (5)

7. And then you remember how tired you are

giphy (6)

8. When your Saturday shift is over

giphy (7)

9. But you’ve got to hit the sheets early

giphy (8)

10. Sunday = Back at work, going through the motions like a robot

giphy (9)

11. A customer tells you they slept in and it was amazing

giphy (10)

12. You’re so close to the finish line

giphy (11)

13. But then your weekend shift is finally over!

giphy (12)



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