13 Things Every Barista Will Understand


1. That feeling you get when you ask “can I take your order” and they respond with “surprise me”.

2. Waking up at 4:00 AM to open the shop at 5:00 AM.

3. When somebody orders a skim latte to shave some calories then orders a 500 calorie muffin.

4. The panic you get when somebody walks in with a written out list of drinks.


5. The infuriation you feel when said customer with list of drinks leaves no tip after you pack up their 9 drinks.

6. Having to hold back your laughter when amateurs try to pronounce “macchiato”.


7. The satisfaction it gives you to give an a-hole customer decaf when they asked for regular.


8. When somebody tries to order a “refill” through the drive through. CAN YOU NOT!


9. When you call out “Non-fat vanilla latte” and the customer responds “is this nonfat?”. Yes captain observant, it is.

10. When customers wrap their head around the counter to watch your every move while making their drink.

11. The automatic-gag feeling you get when it’s  your turn to clean the bathroom.

12. When somebody excessively complains about your prices. Thanks lady, I’ll leverage my $7.50 per hour salary and get right on changing those.

13. Going in public after your shift fully aware that the smell of coffee is radiating from your pores.


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