14 Misconceptions Everyone Has About Bartenders

Most people go to bars to party, socialize, meet people, or just to feel like they’re part of something. And if we’re not there with people, a nice bartender can make us feel less lonely. But how much do we really know about them? Other than the fact that they’re the ones to facilitate the social phenomenon we call “going out.” Read the following article to clear up some misconceptions you may have about the magical world of bartending. Keep these in mind next time you hit up the bars, and your fellow bartender will be much happier to keep those drinks flowing.

1. We’re good listeners. Truth is, we may listen to you, but we really don’t care about your problem.



 2. We give amazingly insightful relationship advice. Really, we’re just as clueless as the next guy.


3. We sleep until noon. Hey, only sometimes. bartender3

4. We have to be young and attractive. Not necessarily.BUSY TIME


5. We’re all alcoholics. Do you really think watching customers get out of control every night is going to make me want alcohol more?!



 6. We’re uneducated. Actually, many bartenders use their earnings to pay for school.bar7

7. We get hit on all the time. Um, nope.


8. We really like you. No, we’re not throwing you a free drink to be nice. We just want a really good tip.


9. We want to get you wasted. No, actually, cleaning up vomit is not the most fun thing to do.


10. We’re just doing this until we can find a “real job.” Nope, some of us just like doing this. Meet Angie Maclean, who’s 98 years old and still pouring strong.bar10


11. We are party animals, and our lives are endless parties. No, we’re usually just up late cleaning up the messes from other people’s parties



12. We have the best—and easiest—jobs. Trust me, there’s nothing easy about working 10-12 hour shifts with no breaks.bar12


13. We’ll remember your name. Nope, but we’ll always remember a good tip.


 14. We can get a lot of girls….actually, the reality is that most women who are old enough to go to bars will usually go for the doctors or businessmen first.


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