15 Best Things To Do On Your 15-Minute Break

When you’re only granted a 15-minute break, it can be difficult to decide everything you want to accomplish before the clock runs out. Luckily there are several things you can do during your break to help you feel rejuvenated for the rest of the day. Test out one of our 15 options during your next “15”.

1. Take a walk


Sure you’ve been on your feet most of your shift, but breathing in some fresh air will do your body and mental state wonders.

2. Take a nap


On the other hand, a quick catnap will leave you feeling refreshed after your break. Just remember to set an alarm!

3. Do some yoga


Help your body get rejuvenated by doing some yoga poses. It’ll help keep the blood moving in your body and will keep you totally Zen…at least until your break is over.

4. Chow down976303

It’s a marathon, not a sprint…except when it comes to eating during a 15-minute break. Live those 15 minutes to the fullest and eat anything you want.

5. Go shoppingtumblr_nkzf6eNu6A1r3idrto1_500

Shave off a little of that paycheck to buy yourself something to make you smile. #treatyourself

6. Dance it out


Shake off those negative customers you’ve been dealing with all morning by turning on some tunes to dance to.

7. Watch a videogiphy

Pull up an inspirational TedTalk or a funny video to keep your spirits up when the mid-day slump hits.

8. Be outside

tumblr_nwyf79L3z81tnko2io1_r1_500Lay in the grass and soak up some vitamin D to help you get energized for the rest of your shift.

9. Make a plan

tumblr_ns9u9w0VsQ1sh43kgo1_500 Being at work all day can make you feel like nothing else in your life is getting done. Make a list of things to do and when to do them.

10. Learn something new

tumblr_mz5dxnUn2y1rubhubo1_500Teach yourself a trick or try to start learning a new language to help you feel more productive with your time.

11. Call your mothercallyourmom

Just be sure to let her know she only has 15 minutes to tell you about her latest hobby.

12. Read a newspaper


Catch up on the day’s headlines and stay up to date with everything going on in the world.

13. Look to your bucket list


You may only have 15 minutes, but that still leaves plenty of time to try something new. Think of something you can cross off your bucket list and then go do it.

14. Write

writeWriting in a journal or on a blog can be a therapeutic way to pass the time. Write about your feelings or write about your unwavering love for pizza. Either way it’ll get your brain pumping.

15. Pamper yourselftumblr_myxqtopwkl1qfci4co1_500

Find one of those cheap foot massage joints or invest in a head scratcher to help you feel relaxed during those sweet 15 minutes.

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