15 Signs You Used To Be A Server

Whether you just needed some cash in school or you had to support yourself, you never really forget what it takes to keep a restaurant running. Because, you know what they say: Once a server, always a server. That’s a thing, right? Well, it certainly should be! #ServerLifeForever

1. The ding of the kitchen bell haunts your dreams.server1

2. You catch yourself shouting “Behind!” in any crowded situation.


3. A friend tipping under 20% makes you question your friendship.


4. Faking a smile and interest gets you through any awkward social situation.


5. Stacking up plates and silverware at the end of a meal is still an undeniable reflex.server5

6. Pens. So many pens. And you still can’t stop collecting them.server6

7. Carrying so many things with one arm has made you question the need for the other one.


8. Going to any store or restaurant within half an hour of closing fills you with guilt.


9. Not having a shift meal has totally thrown off your budgeting efforts.


10. You’ve considered auditioning for the circus with your marvelous balance skills.


11. But being a mathematician sounds a bit more realistic after splitting checks and calculating tips.


12. A clean bathroom is a godly bathroom and you hold your own bathroom to the same standard.server12

 13. Having all of your money in your bank account and not in wrinkled bills makes you nervous.


14. Looking for a “real” job never stresses you out since there’s always serving (for better money, probably.)


15. You’ll forever have the utmost respect for customer service and what it takes to please crowds upon crowds of people.server15

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