16 Best Things About Being A Bartender

Who says bartending isn’t a wise career path? Slingin’ drinks has some serious perks (and the money isn’t bad either.) Here are the 16 best things about being a bartender.

1. You never have to work at a desk.

giphy (1)

2. Your bartending skills are like a work of fine art.

giphy (2)

3. You know how to help people have a good time.giphy (3)

4. TIPS.giphy (4)

5. You’re, like, super strong.

giphy (5)

6. You’ve learned to fend off the creepiest of creeps.

giphy (6)

7. You have the power to close things down.

giphy (7)

8. You get to stay up all night and sleep all day.

giphy (8)

9. You help erase the sad.

giphy (9) 10. Like a expert detective, you can always tell when someone’s been drinking.

giphy (10)

 11. You know how to get any and every tab closed.

giphy (11)

12. You know what’s really in a long island iced tea.

giphy (12)

13. Your hangover cure is perfected.


14. You are immune to the barfing chain reaction.

giphy (13)

15. You’re beloved.


16. More tips.giphy (14)

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