21 Coffee Shop Names That Are Guaranteed To Put a Smile On Your Face

Naming a coffee shop doesn’t seem hard at first—there are certainly a plethora of bad puns, as well see in a moment—but really landing on one that you can fall in love with is no simple task. Your coffee shop is your baby. You want the perfect amount of crowd-pleasing appeal, packed with the exact personality you want to project.


You don’t want to be too obvious, and yet you don’t want to be so obscure that people miss the point entirely. You’ve already got the coffee theme, but these days that’s not always enough. It’s time to get creative, add on an extra layer, and dive into the trendiest, more original thinking you’ve ever had to do.


At the end of the day, you’ll probably settle on some middle ground, but not before going through at least 500 viable options. The following shops have felt your pain. They’re names we’ve seen over the years that have made us laugh, and sometimes gag, because of their distinctly coffee-related cheekiness.


Whether you’re looking for a name of your own, or you just need a good laugh to remind you you’re not the only punny entrepreneur out there, check out this laughable list of coffee shops that really went for broke.

Bean There, Drank That

Coming out of the gate with a strong pun, this one is light on the theme and heavy on cutesiness. Nothing wrong with a little attitude now and then.

Café Au Lait

Coming just short of beating you over the head, this clever pun just names a crowd-favorite drink. Add on the accent mark for a little extra flair of class.

Steaming Hotties


We’re not sure if this place was one of those “bikini barista” bars, but it definitely will have some patrons pumping the breaks for a quick coffee stop.

Central Perk

central perk

The distinctly New York pun aside, this should bring a smile to your face simply for the nostalgia is arouses when we think back to our favorite buddy sitcom. We all dream of having all our pals consistently congregating at the same coffee shop every day—and for the better part of a decade, the cast of Friends made us believe it was possible.

Jack’s Warm Buns


Who doesn’t love a little bit of innuendo. It’s not hinting at a coffee shop name per se, but it does imply they’ve (hopefully) got some baked goods inside.

Tea’se Me


If you’re steering away from the espresso game, a tea house might have fun with someone a little cuter than the usual bland “tea shop” title.

Has Beans

photo via hasbeans.com

photo via hasbeans.com

Read literally, this shop’s mission statement is about as clear as possible. Read with the kind of pun loving adorability we’ve come to expect from coffee shops, there’s just enough self-deprecation to make you giggle.




Brewed Awakening

Nothing’s worse than a morning without coffee. These guys certainly identify with the struggle, and want their customers to know some relief is in sight.

Sacred Grounds


photo via activerain.com

Who among the coffee lovers does not identify with the holiness of our liquid gold? A little reverence can go a long way with the caffeine addicted—drawing the worshipping masses right through the front door.


photo via pinterest.com

photo via pinterest.com

Maybe this one’s best saved for the tough talking cabbie, but it’s something we’d all like to say before drinking our morning cup.

Fleetwood Macchiato

A photo posted by @fleetwoodmacchiato on

Classic rock fans will take pause and smile at this beautiful homage to Stevie Nicks and the band that shaped a generation. Hopefully they can do some beautiful latte portrait art.

Deja Brew

deja brew Ever feel like you’re so tired you’re just repeating yourself over and over? Apparently déjà vu actually occurs when you’re so tired that one eye processes events a split second faster than the other. Whatever, just give me some coffee.

Thanks a Latte


OK, just admit it: you’ve definitely tried this at least once at that cute barista. She probably doesn’t work the register anymore, huh?



Points for originality, this one manages to stay away from any direct coffee lingo while still managing to get the pun across beautifully.

Grindecologist Coffee


OK, so maybe this isn’t where you want someone’s mind going right before they buy food from you, but points for raising a few eyebrows. Some puns take it too far, but that’s only for the owner to judge—and customers to send the message.

Whole Latte Love


Sometimes all you want is a hug from that velvety milky goodness that comes with your espresso in the morning. This shop gets that, and wants you to feel the love big time.

Espresso Patronum

espresso patronum

Harry Potter fans and coffee addicts, rejoice! Someone gets you more than anyone else in this world. You can fall under their coffee spell anytime.

Bean Me Up, Scottie

bean me up scotty

And for every Harry Potter fan out there, there’s a Trekkie parent wishing someone in this generation understood them, too. Have no fear, sweet Trekkie. These guys are here for you.

Espresso Yourself


For the quirky coffee lover, nothing feels better than a charge to be you. Gone are the haters who say you should quit your coffee bender. You just do you.

Brew HaHa!


This one might be a little lazy, but nobody’s upset—even if they don’t quite get the reference.

Dumb Starbucks

dumb starbucks

This was a real coffee shop for a few days thanks to Nathan Fielder, as a stunt for his show “Nathan For You” where he tries to save failing businesses with outlandish ideas. Several people thought it was a real Starbucks, and failed to notice the word “dumb” in front of everything on the menu. Maybe that was a better fit for them than they knew.

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