31 Best Halloween Costumes Appropriate For Work

These are some of the best Halloween costumes for work. They have it all: creativity, simplicity, and the work stamp of approval. Here are 31 costumes that won’t give HR a headache.


1. When Life Gives You Lemons  

If life gives you lemons, take them and create a costume out of it! lemonsEstimated Cost: $10

Simplicity at it’s finest. Grab a plain white tee, a marker, and a bag of lemons to keep by your side.

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2. Ellie Sattler (Jurassic Park)

The success of Jurassic World this past year only reminded us of the original classic that started it all. Fly back to the original Jurassic Park as Dr. Ellie Sattler.


Estimated Cost: $60

With pieces you can easily find at a thrift shop, you can focus less time on spending money and more time fighting off the evil raptors…or annoying customers.

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3. Facebook

The lazy man’s guide to owning Halloween.


Estimated Cost: $1

For the minimalist in you, just grab a marker and get ready to blow people’s minds.

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4. Crazy Target Lady (SNL)

This costume will surely be APPROVED for work.


Estimated Cost: $40

Mix your crazy inner cat lady with a few of your mom’s tacky pieces from the 90s for a perfect homage to one of SNL’s greats.

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5. Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Buddy up with a coworker as fresh as you for the ultimate 90’s throwback as Will and Carlton.FreePrince

Estimated Cost: $40 each

Hit up a local thrift shop to keep things under budget. Just make sure at least one of you has mastered the Carlton dance.

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6. Operation

You don’t have to be a surgeon to figure out how to turn your favorite childhood game into a costume.


Estimated Cost: $50

All you need are some removable paper organs and some tongs for the operation.

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7. Dunkin’ Donuts

Dribble dribble, shoot shoot, take that donut to the whoop whoop!Untitled

Estimated Cost: $50

Dig up your favorite jersey and toss a donut ring around your waist. You’ll totally score the title of MVP at work!

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8. Monopoly Man

For a costume that won’t break the bank, look to the king of board games for inspiration.monoply

Estimated Cost: $50

Combine your fanciest gear, thick mustache, and a bag of “cash” to steal the show this Halloween.

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9. Clark Kent

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s you in one epic costume!clarkkent

Estimated Cost: $50

You may need an ordinary suit, but with your Superman shirt underneath you’ll be feeling anything but ordinary

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1o. Ferris Bueller

You may not be able to take the day off, but at least you’ll look fly!

ferrisEstimated Cost: $30

It’s as simple as a vest, t-shirt, jeans, and some killer karaoke skills.

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11. Siracha

Your coworkers will get a kick out of this one.siracha

Estimated Cost: $20

Spice up your costume with a Siracha shirt and the classic green cap for a cheap costume that won’t sizzle your wallet.

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12. Flo

Just like those Progressive Commercials, this costume will definitely be a hit.

progressive_insurance_girl_makeup_kandee_costumeEstimated Cost: $60

You’ll need an all white outfit, some Progressive swag, and a serious obsession with insurance rates (at least for the day).

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13. Ron Burgundy

You won’t be stuck in a glass case of emotions when you’re rocking the Ron Burgundy mustache.ron

Estimated Cost: $60

We don’t know how to put this, but you’ll be a big deal in this getup. You stay classy out there.

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14. Cactus

Unlike a cactus, people will want to hang around you and your succulent costume.


Estimated Cost: $25

Use pipe cleaners for your costume instead of sticks. Just watch out because you may get pricked.

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15. Bubble Gum Machine

Don’t chew want to look sweet on Halloween?


Estimated Cost: $45

Combine red bottoms and colorful pom pom balls for a costume that’ll pop.

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16. Forrest Gump

Halloween is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.foresetgump

Estimated Cost: $20

Run, Forrest! Run to the nearest thrift shop for some running clothes. Don’t forget you’ll need a beard to make it look like you’ve been running across the country for years!

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17. Awkward Yearbook Photo

Remember when your parents refused to pay for the fancy backgrounds on school picture day? Well now is your second chance.

photoEstimated Cost: $40

Relive your glory days with the worst possible outfit you can find in your closet and a cheesy 90’s background to wear on your back all day. Remember your cheesy smile and a mullet!

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18. Jelly Beans

They say the more colorful your diet it, the healthier you will be. Does that count jelly beans too?jellybeans

Estimated Cost: $15

Blow up some colorful balloons and toss them inside your life-size candy bag for one sweet costume.

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19. Brawny Man

Wipe out the costume competition as the king of paper towels.brawnyman

Estimated Cost: $30

Go for the lumberjack look and make sure to keep a roll of Brawny paper towels nearby.

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20. Chia Pet

The costume that grows!

chiapetEstimated Cost: $50

Once you turn yourself into shrubbery, make sure to add the proper animal ears to match your favorite Chia pet.

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21. Zoolander

Have you ever wondered if there’s more to life than having a really ridiculously good looking costume?

blueEstimated Cost: $30

After you master the Blue Steel pose, make sure to add some leather pants and runway-worthy makeup.

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22. No costume

There really isn’t much to this costume besides knowing that you’ll completely own Halloween.error

Estimated Cost: $5

What you’ll need: a marker and a t-shirt. Creativity included.

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23. Lego

“I throw my hands up in the air sometimes singing ‘Ayo I’m a Lego!’”

legoEstimated Cost: $30

For an adult-sized Lego, you’ll need an adult-sized box and some cans. Remember, you’re never too young to play with Legos.

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24. Firefox

You can stop searching the Internet because now you CAN be the Internet.firefox

Estimated Cost: $60

No need to Google how to pull off this costume. Simply grab a fox costume and a globe for total costume domination.

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25. Pinata

If you can’t get enough of the candy this Halloween, then this one’s for you.pinatas2

Estimated Cost: $40

They key to pulling off this costume is plenty of paper streamers. And patience.

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26. Troll Doll

This costume is out of controll.troll

Estimated Cost: $50

What’s the secret to mastering the troll doll look? Hair that defies gravity.

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27. Man in Black

This will be the costume your coworkers will never forget…or will they?meninblack

Estimated Cost: $70

Remember: you’ll need a suit, shades, and a memory eraser to tie it all together.

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28. Tamagotchi Pet

If you weren’t always the best at taking care of your Tamagotchi pet then now is your time for redemption.tamagotchi-costume

Estimated Cost: $50

Simply use a poster board to recreate this 90’s classic.

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29. “The Dress”

Reinstate the great debate of 2015 all over again.the dress

Estimated Cost: $45

This costume may require some sewing work, but when you’re the talk of the office it’ll be totally worth it.

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30. Identity Thief

People will want to steal this costume idea from you for next Halloween.identitytheft

Estimated Cost: $3

Make sure you have plenty of “hello my name is” stickers to really hit it home with this one.

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31. Guess Who?

Guess Who is going to win the costume game this year?guesswho1

Estimated Cost: $20

Once you pick your character, you’ll need to create the class board game pieces to make this mystery come to life.

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When it comes to costumes at work, remember these three words: creative, classy, and a little bit sassy.

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