9 Apps That Make Work Less Work

Maintaining a balanced life both in and out of work can often mean doing more work. Suddenly, packing your lunch for work or showing up for the correct shift seem like the most difficult tasks in the world. Thankfully, we’ve found a few apps for both on and off the clock to help you take control of your life so that you don’t have to do as much of the work. Let your phone become your new personal assistant!

1. Stepz

As an hourly worker, you know that you’re constantly moving on your feet. So why not document those steps to see how you’re benefiting your body? With the Stepz app, your phone will calculate both steps taken and calories burned. You’ll be surprised to see how much work you’ve done after that 8-hour shift.


2. Snag A Job

Your perfect job is just a finger tap away. Snag a Job eliminates the endless scrolling of finding jobs by matching you up with jobs that actually fit you and your needs. Apply to your perfect job within seconds and get connected to thousands of companies in your ideal industry. 


3. When I Work

When I Work allows you to keep your work schedule in your pocket! Check your scheduling, take time off and swap shifts easily on your mobile phone. No more calling into work to find out when you work.

When I Work App

 4. Sleep Cycle

 Are you always showing up to work feeling restless and exhausted? You can easily change that with the Sleep Cycle app. Not only does it track your sleep patterns, but it will also serve as a bio-alarm clock that wakes you up in your lightest stage of sleep. No more need to keep pressing the snooze button!


5. Tip Counter 

Easily keep track of your earned tips with the Tip Counter app! No matter how many jobs you may be juggling, you don’t have to worry about juggling your tips because now you can keep all your tips calculations in one place.


 6. Whatsapp

Having trouble coordinating a staff meeting? Need an easier way to stay connected with coworkers when you’re off? Whatsapp is the answer. Create a group chat that works with everyone’s phones and be instantly connected to everyone on your team. 


7. MealPlan

MealPlan is any easy solution for eating well while on the go. You can create and pack a week’s worth of meals and snacks to eat. Instead of running to the drive-thru for a quick dinner after work, open your MealPlan app to help you stick to a more balanced diet. It’ll even generate a grocery list for you based on your planned meals!


 8. Waze

Does traffic have you showing up to work 20 minutes late every morning? Then it’s time to utilize the GPS app known as Waze. Type in your destination and Waze will find the quickest way for you to get there without running into traffic.



 9.  Calm 

Your lunch break may only be an hour, but using 10 minutes of it to meditate may be the best way for you to recharge for the rest of your shift. The Calm app provides you with several types of meditation options of various lengths of time to give you exactly what you need to continue on with your day.



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