14 Perks of Being a Barista

A barista is an artist so that means coffee is basically a fine art. The job requires loads of patience and endurance but in the end, is totally worth it.


1. Being a barista means having all of the free coffee you could ever desire.


free coffee


2. It also means that you get to smell like coffee all the damn time.


smell like coffee

3. You know how to impress your friends with crazy latte foam art.



latte art

4. You have every right to be a coffee snob.


coffee snob

5. Your work attire consists of whatever the hell you want, as long as you’re wearing your apron.


coffee attire


6. You’re considered a hero to your morning customers in need of a “fix.”


barrel of coffee


7. The cute customers that walk in always make your day.




8. Or you’re the “cute barista” that your customers rave to their friends about.




9. Your sorcery skills come into play when you get to experiment with new flavors.




10. Customers who tip are always a plus.




11. You always get a kick out of the customers who mispronounce or completely make up the names on the menu.


funny name


12. Your regular customers who remember your name, and in return you remember their order.


regular customers


13. The comradery you have with your coffee shop family.


coffee shop fam


14. But the best part is knowing that you can make a great cup of coffee.


elf coffee


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