12 Best Ways To Tip A Server

Sometimes, the best tips you’ll get aren’t in the form of money.

Though money is really nice too.


1. This under appreciated waitress gets the tip of a lifetime!


2. After a hard shift a nice note and few extra bucks make it all worth it.


So pretty sure these people made my night tonight serving left me a funny note and a 20 dollar tip #besttipever #serving

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3. Some customers will go around leaving $200 tips!


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4. This lucky waiter had the pleasure of serving an NFL star who was feeling particularly generous…




5. While his lucky waitress got $10,000 from Ellen!

6. Some tip for Jesus…


Always a great time at Tacolicious! #godbless #tipsforjesus #tacos #boom

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7. While others tip in junk food.



8. Some customers leave sold out tickets…



9. While others pay for your dream trip to Italy!

1 ticket to italy


10. Some tip in service…


11. Some will tip with a nice, warm pizza.



12. While all generous tips are appreciated, there are some that truly have the power to change your life.

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