New Year Resolution Ideas: The Work Edition


Resolutions are hard. You’re living your life on December 31st and then all the sudden you’re supposed to become a different person on the first of the year. No matter the resolution, you always seem to creep back to your old self within a week. This year you don’t have to worry though because we’ve collected a list of simple, attainable resolutions for you to achieve at work for 2016.

1. Get to work on time


Trust us, it’s simpler than you think. Eliminate the snooze button by placing your phone in walking distance to your bed so you’re forced to get up. Plan your outfit ahead of time and lay out any uniform pieces so you know exactly where they are. Prepare and cook meals for tomorrow, today.


2. Set a daily goal


The hustle and bustle of hourly jobs can become draining and mundane. At some point you might even start feeling unchallenged. Change that by bettering yourself each day with a daily goal. Choose to smile more, talk to a stranger, or pay it forward. They might seem like simple goals, but you’ll challenging yourself and growing day by day.


3. Save your moneynewyear3

Resolve to put a little more money into your savings account and a little less into your daily coffee runs before work. After budgeting your monthly spending, calculate a healthy percentage of money you can afford to shave off your paycheck and put into your savings account. It may not seem like you’re saving up enough, but eventually it’ll add up to a hefty amount of money.


 4. Work towards a raise or promotion

newyear4Maybe this is just a temporary job for you or maybe you’re looking to move up the ladder. Either way, just work towards something at your job to keep yourself motivated. Work towards getting a raise or moving up to a managerial position. You’ll find work much more enjoyable when you’re working towards something rather than moving through the motions.


5. Less stress, more positivity

newyear5Are your hours, managers, or overall job getting you down? Do you start and end work bubbling with stress? That’s okay; we’ve all been there. The best way to combat that stress is doing everything with a positive attitude. It sounds cheesy like a kindergarten inspirational poster, but we promise it works. Start every day, every task, and every conversation with a positive outlook and watch your overall happiness at work change in front of your eyes.

6.  Eat healthy at worknewyear6

Avoid the urge to run to the food court or have the chef whip you up something at work. Chances are those foods are leaving you feeling bloated and weighed down through the rest of your shift. Pack a lunch and several snacks to keep you feeling refreshed and energized all day. You’ll also save an incredible amount of money by doing so.


7. Bond more with coworkers


You’re around each other all week, but you might not know each other as well as you think. Set up coworker outings, weekly workouts, or a monthly hang out where everyone can get to know each other. It’ll be refreshing to be out of the work environment and just hang out. You’ll also start to build a better sense of community in your team that’ll do wonders for your work environment.


8. Find balance

newyear8This is the year that you find balance in your busy calendar. Don’t let friendships or opportunities slip you by because one part of your life is outweighing other parts. Be sure that each week you’re getting a healthy dose work time, social time, and YOU time so that you remain balanced no matter what the week throws at you.


9. Speak upnewyear9

One of the unhealthiest things you can do is keep emotions bottled up inside. When you do, your overall outlook on life begins to get sour. Don’t let this happen to you, especially at work. If there is something or someone that is getting in the way of you doing your job properly, you have to find the courage to speak up and create change. Don’t let this year be filled with frustration at work!


10. Learn something newnewyear10

Sure, you may have been at your job so long you know every in and out of the workplace. However, that doesn’t mean you have nothing left to learn! Seek out opportunities to learn more about yourself or the world by more substantial interactions with customers. Get to know the lives of people surrounding you and you’ll begin to see how much it feeds the soul.



At the end of the day, a resolution is just another fancy word for a goal. Don’t look at your resolutions as something you have to check off your list within the first month of the year. Take things day by day and let yourself grow a little bit more each day. Don’t let this year be a race to the finish line. Enjoy your journey along the way to creating a better you.


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