10 Part-Time Jobs That Pay Well While You’re In College

part-time college jobs

When you look back at your time in college, you probably won’t remember it as a time when you had a lot of money.

In fact, it’s one of the times in your life when you’ll be more broke than you ever had been before.

You learn creative societal loopholes, like: Who needs dinner when I can microwave this stiff block of noodles that I got at the grocery store for $0.15?!

Oh, thank goodness for Ramen.

But when cash gets tight, it going to be hard to sit still and dedicate all your time to those books. For many students today, getting a part-time job to pick up some of the undergraduate slack isn’t the worst idea they’ve had all year. In fact, it may be one of their smartest.

The benefits of a solid job in college are abounding: besides the extra cash that you’ll have to spend on be—books, and pencils and stuff, you’ll be able to treat your friends to a good time, too. You’ll have a more rigid schedule that demands more concrete study time—so you’ll be forced into being a better student or busting. And finally, you’ll probably meet some really great people who are in similar positions.

If you think getting a part-time job is the right move for you, start scouring your campus for some of these great part-time jobs that can earn you extra cash without demanding all of your time.


college barista job

Let’s start with the obvious.

Broke and barista go together like Brooklyn and hipsters.

Coffee is an exciting, young industry that get’s better with every sip. And whether you want to go for one of the national coffee shops, or find a local spot by campus, you can make some serious bucks learning to make a drink you already know and love.

Gym Attendant

gym front desk

Being a gym attendant at school is like cheating—but the kind that people are OK with.

You’re basically getting paid to work out.

You’ll be responsible for keeping other meatheads’ sweat off the equipment, and you’ll probably be the point-person if someone needs to call for 911, but other than that, there’s plenty of time to study and take care of that college bod.

Security Guard

campus security

Feeling unsafe around campus? Become safety.

Security guard gigs are a great way to make some cash and help make your campus feel a little extra cozy at night. If you’re looking to learn more about criminal justice, or have always had a curiosity for what those people with golf carts and flashlights really did, this may be for you.

Bar Back

Everything You Need To Know About Becoming a Bartender

Without jumping full on into the bartender-in-college stereotype, bar back is a great next option.

Without needing any experience, you could walk into a bar tomorrow and ask if they have any open bar back positions, and probably get hired on the spot (after a couple of tries). It’s a great way to learn the trade, and will get you to bartender faster than you can say, “I don’t know what a ‘dry martini’ is.”



More obvious, you can pick up a job serving tables at a local restaurant.

While the actual hourly pay is substantially lower, there’s serious money in the tips you’ll be pulling in. They have solid night and weekend hours—but you may get shafted with day shifts before getting to the good stuff.

Book Store Employee


Especially around the start of each semester, your campus bookstore will be needing some extra help.

That’s when you swoop in like a knight in shining armor.

Whether it’s stacking boxes, sorting books, or helping people sell back the textbooks they definitely never even opened once, it’s a great job when the prospects are slim.


teaching assistant

If you feel comfortable with any particular professors or classes, and have a good grasp on the material, you may want to ask about becoming a TA.

You may have to come back and sit through the class again, but it’s the perfect way to learn the ropes of higher ed, and a legitimate way to get paid for doing college work!

Mail Room Employee

college mailbox

As it turns out, those letters from mom aren’t putting themselves in your mailbox.

There’s probably a much bigger team of mail people at your school than you even realize—yes, even though email is a thing now. With all of the care packages, postcards from grandparents, and credit card offers that seem to find their way to every college student, there’s sorting to be done. And your hands may be the ones ready to sort.


dorm room

OK, fine, we’ll mention RAs.

If you haven’t already had 10 informational signs slipped under your door about the upcoming RA meeting for next year, may this be used as your official PSA to say: go check it out.

Being an RA is a lot more work than most movies make it out to be, but what job isn’t (Dinosaur Caretaker)? It’s exceedingly rewarding, (usually) a great way to get free rent, and a guaranteed way to make some crazy memories that will last long beyond your graduation.

Cafeteria Worker

college cafeteria

Finally, it would behoove you to go to the foodservice company your school employs and find out where they need some extra help. From catering to working in the (insert your school’s nickname for the cafeteria), there are a plethora of jobs to be had that you didn’t even know existed.

The bottom line? If you want some extra work, it’s out there. As one of your more annoying professors probably keeps saying over and over: you just have to do your research. Good luck!Employee-Scheduling-Software-by-When-I-Work


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