The 14 Worst Things About Working In A Restaurant On Valentine’s Day

Working as a server is a pain in general, but there’s one night of the year when it’s the absolute worst…Valentine’s Day. Read on to find out the worst things about working in a restaurant on every server’s least favorite holiday.

1. Seeing all the lovey-dovey couples dining out while you’re stuck at work.lonely

2. Also seeing those awkward couples who are on their first or second date…on Valentine’s Day.


3. Seeing people order a little too much wine and have way more fun than you.bottle 4. Hearing customers complain about the long wait, the slow service, and the lack of Valentine’s Day specials.


5. Having to explain to your significant other that you have to work and you couldn’t get anyone to take your shift.

giphy (1)6. Or if you’re single, thinking about how you can’t wait to get home to your cat.

cats7. And being stuck at work still won’t keep you from drunk-dialing your

8. The guy customers who ask you to give their change back in all ones because they have plans to go to the strip club that night.

9. The crazy-in-love customers who insist on sitting on the same side of booth.

tumblr_inline_mh3q09wITC1rxa4z010. Seeing middle-schoolers on a date and thinking about how you weren’t allowed to date until you were 16.

embarrassed11. Seeing a bunch of girls getting flowers and trying to remember the last time you got flowers.

alone12. The crazy amount of PDA.

pda13. Possibly seeing a proposal and watching everyone go crazy.

rs_479x270-131022125128-jon-fan14. Having to constantly apologize for slow service because it’s the busiest night of the year.


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