Top 10 Bakeries For Your Sweet Tooth Craving In Houston

The options are endless when it comes to satisfying your sweet tooth. From decadent and rich to sweet and salty, it’s pretty difficult to go wrong with any dessert. To help narrow down the options, we’ve scoped out the best spots in town to make sure you have the ultimate dessert experience.

1. Rookies Cookies

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You can never go wrong with cookies, especially when they have that homemade love mixed into them. Inspired by family baking memories, the owners of Rookies Cookies bring you all the classic oatmeal cookie flavors you love plus shakes and ice cream sandwiches.


2. Eck Bakery

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Chinese bakeries are always a good place for trying unique desserts that you can’t find anywhere else. At Eck Bakery, it’s their famous egg tarts that can truly be defined as a hidden gem in town. With tarts leaving the shelves by the dozen, it’s no wonder these neighborhood favorites sell out quickly.


3. Bite Macarons

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Step inside Bite Macarons and you’re presented with simplicity, bite into one of their famous macarons and you’re greeted with an explosion of flavors. Stay simple with flavors like vanilla bean and coffee, go for fruity with black currant and passion fruit, or choose the fragrant option with rose or honey lavender.


4. Sugar Rush Cake Gallery

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You’ll get a sugar rush just stepping inside of the deliciously sweet Sugar Rush bakery. They have just about everything to satisfy any craving you may have. Grab a few of their cookies and cupcakes or a slice of one of their decadent cakes for the ultimate sugar rush.


5. SMOOSH Cookies Food Truck

What do you get when you combine fresh-out-of-the-oven cookies with your favorite ice cream and toppings? The ultimate cookie sandwich. Whether you’re a classic chocolate chip cookie person or like to branch out with a churro or waffle cookie, your cookie sandwich will be nothing short of extraordinary at Smoosh.


6. Red Dessert Diva

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For when you have a craving for brownies, let the Red Dessert Diva cure your craving. They combine your dessert favorites to make the perfect hybrids like a butterscotch s’mores brownie or a debusker, combining brownies and M&M cookies to create dessert euphoria.


7. Oui Desserts

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Another spot to round up everything to satisfy your sweet tooth, Oui Desserts has a variety of tarts, macaroons, and more with your name on them. Star with the creme brûlée, then work your way to one of the fruit tarts, and finish off with a macaroon to round off your sweet adventure.


8. Tiff’s Treats

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For when you have a sweet tooth but you don’t want to leave the house, call Tiff’s Treats for hot cookies delivered hot and fresh to your door. Treat yourself to some melt-in-your-mouth cookies from the comfort of your home. Order a variety pack or a dozen chocolate chips, either way you’ll be in cookie heaven.


9. Flying Saucer Pie Company

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You may have to keep your sweet tooth waiting as there’s often a line outside the Flying Saucer, but once you bite into one of their pies you’ll be happy you waited. Indulge in a classic fruit pie like dutch apple and cherry pie, or go for cream with of their classic cream pies like coconut or fresh banana.


10. Michael’s Cookie Jar

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Stepping inside Michae’s Cookie Jar is like truly stepping inside a wondrous cookie jar. With so many different cookie flavors, it won’t be long before you’re filling up a box of a dozen. Choose between decorated sugar cookies, old time favorites, tea cookies, and more to satisfy the cookie monster inside of you.

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