10 Victory Dances to Use Whenever Someone Takes Your Shift

It seems like the work schedule is always against your personal schedule. The days you want off are usually the days when you’re requested to work. Oddly enough you even have to work when your friends aren’t working. Thankfully, there are kind people in this world that you can call up, or send a text to when you want your shift covered. As an hourly worker, there is no greater feeling than when you can get your shift covered for the day. These 10 dances are exactly how you should feel when you get the word that goes something like this: “Okay, I’ll cover you.”


“It’s Not Unusual” to get excited when someone takes your shift.

Carlton dancing

It doesn’t matter where you are.

eveyone dance

It makes you want to dance!
happy dance

Before, you were worried about getting your shift covered.


It pays off when you work hard to find someone to take your shift.

rocky victory dance

But sometimes, all you need is a little motivation from your friends…

friends celebrating

Even though you might love your job, it’s always good to swap a shift and kick it on back.

target lady

Because sometimes you just need to shake off work.

shake it off


When the person comes in to cover your shift,

when your cover comes in

it’s time to roll out with those friends and take on the day.

workaholics dance

Unfortunately, you won’t always get so lucky to have someone cover your shift.
when you can't get your shift off.

There is no dance for that.


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