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According to a YouGov poll, nearly one in five American workers (19%) are late for work at least once a week. As an employee or manager, that means listening to a lot of the of the same excuses as to why someone was late. “I lost my keys”, “my car died”, are said all too often. Or sometimes there are the stories that are so farfetched you just start to giggle at them.


As an employee, the last thing you want to worry about is thinking of an excuse as to why you’re late. Your fellow employees and managers are going to be slightly irritated at you, especially if it is a common occurrence, and they’re probably not going to want to hear about it.

For those days that you tried and tried and tried to be on time and ended up being late you have to be quick to think of an excuse. Sometimes you get so cloudy in the head with what kind of an excuse to make that you go blank. That is why we built the Excuse Generator.


The excuse generator is your go-to tool for creating excuses for when you’re running late and want to say something clever or just to say something really funny. It’s also a great way to pass time when you’re on your break with your co-workers. In fact, if you think of any excuses that should be added to the generator tweet at us @wheniwork and use the hashtag #excusegenerator.


How It Works

Step 1. Visit the Excuse Generator page

Step 2. Click on the generator

Step 3. Use and enjoy your new excuse

Step 4. Share on Facebook and/or Twitter

Step 5. Don’t be late

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