WorkPulse Playlist: 15 Songs To Get You Ready For The Morning Shift

people-hand-iphone-smartphoneThere’s nothing like a good song to put you in the mood for a shift you aren’t quite looking forward to.

Something about a good beat and catchy hook really can turn a day around—or at least give you enough motivation to get out the door. With that in mind, we here at WorkPulse wanted to give you the morning boost you’ve been missing.

No, you don’t need another cherry picking of the top 40s. We’ve dipped back in time, taking classics from decades, years and even a few weeks ago. Our goal was to give you a list of songs that make you want to move without quite crossing into the ear-bleeding, heart-pounding EDM tracks that your roommates might hate us for.

So buckle up, turn on Spotify, and let the music move you out of those workin’ blues.

Miguel – Coffee

No matter how appealing these dance grooves are, it’s hard to start the morning at full throttle. This recent jam from Miguel will ease you into the morning—you might even want to make it your alarm.

Michael Jackson, Justin Timberlake – Love Never Felt So Good

This posthumously published hit from MJ is sure to get you hyped on that tooth-brushing game. Try out some new dance moves in the mirror? Why not. This is your day.

Kendrick Lamar – King Kunta

Somehow perfectly toeing the line of aggressive, relevant, and completely catchy, this one’s going to give you the edge you need to get yourself pumped about kicking some @$$ today.

Allen Stone – Freedom

Nothin’ like a little soul to mix it up—and all the better when it’s a new voice. Allen Stone’s just catching on, but his sound is timeless, and it’s sure to put you in a better mood.

Tokyo Police Club – Favourite Colour

If you’re looking for some of that classic alt-rock flavor that you can still get down to, this lick will have you rocking the air-guitar hard enough to make Hendrix proud.

Lykke Li – I Follow Rivers

You may not feel like going up on a Tuesday, but there’s still a club jam or two to be had before the day gets pumping. “I Follow Rivers” is the song you hear every time you go out but you still don’t have on your phone. We’re here to fix that.

Rihanna – FourFiveSeconds

Thank goodness, Rihanna was kind enough to feature some no name called “Paul McCartney” on this song with her and Kanye. It’s going to do wonders for his career. Whether or not you realize that’s a joke, you’re bound to be obsessed with this song—if only because you identify with the struggle of surviving those few more days til Friday.

Chiddy Bang – Opposite of Adults

Getting nostalgic on this particular weekday? Having an existential debate with yourself about whether the piles of tip money by your bed are worth all the blood, sweat, and tears? Chiddy Bang will help you take it back to the good days, and hopefully mellow you out before you drive your boss insane.

Stevie Wonder – I wish

Then Stevie’s going come in and really drive things home. Being a kid was great, and maybe you need an escape from the morning to remember the innocent days before you knew what a W-4 was. Be encouraged, you’re not the only one who pines for the good ol’ days.

Omi – Cheerleader (Felix Jaehn Remix)

OK, we had to at least include one song of the summer. If you haven’t heard this remix—which you may not have even realized was a remix—then you’re probably working too hard or cooped up in your rock home/office. Jam out, enjoy the summer for a second.

Maroon 5 – I Can’t Lie

Remember when Maroon 5 wasn’t just Adam Levine and Garage Band? While his angst-ridden love/hate songs are still dominating the radio, this one takes us back the more soulful and carefree—but still pretty angsty—days of Maroon 5’s glorious run. I can’t lie, it’ll have you dancing all the way out the door.

Jack Johnson – Washing Dishes

But what’s all this soul and dance without some of the mellow man to keep things esoteric? Washing dishes is definitely one of JJ’s catchier new tunes, but it’s also one of the few on this list that actually talks about work, and how we all want to work our way to the top. The man just gets us.

Earth Wind & Fire – Sing a Song

“When you feel down and out // Sing a song, it’ll make your day.”

Enough said.

K’naan – Bang Bang

Two songs featuring Adam Levine in one playlist? Are you mad? No, just really  into catchy hooks. This is sure to be buzzing in your ears straight through the end of that double shift. Get ready to tell all your friends.

Jay Z – Change Clothes

Nothing could cap off a pre-work playlist quite like this classic. Change Clothes is Jay Z in his early perpetual prime. Not everything has to be so complicated, Avril. Just change those clothes and go. And have a great day at work!


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